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Tongue Tied and Cut Off 


A state of being lost for words. speechless ceremonial cutting and tying of a tapestry from its loom. Detritus embedded in the weft, references the accumulation of the palatable and synaesthestic experience. Where what is spoken, suggests just as much as a pause. Connect / synchronise, in solitude, reluctantly.


Friday Garden

‘Friday Garden’ 132x47x30cm £130

Stemming from ties, this blooming gathering of plaited, woven and stitched plastic, ribbon, rope, sponge and wool has been doused in glitter and varnish to resemble dew or resin secretions of this most irregular advertisment for nectar.

Detail of ‘Friday Garden’

Celluloid Folly II

‘Celluloid Folly II’2016 34x42x27cm 5-meter cord £250

Canary bird cage with 35mm film woven into the bars, stitched in place with empty coloured biro tubes threaded into spaces for doors. Yaught varnish applied to reinforce and 5 meter cable braided in cerise to compliment the blue cage. The tortoise shell like illuminated negatives cast a warm hue punctuated with the sprocket holes projected onto surrounding walls.

The Looney Occasional Lamp

‘The Looney Occasional Lamp’ 56x41cm with 2 meter cord £70

‘The Looney Occasional Lamp’

6 soft toys were de – limbed and decapitated, then reassembled with 1 body part from the other 5 stitched onto each of the torsos. Holding hands and touching toes, the chimeras encircle the light shade like a fireside gathering. The column, base and cord of the lamp are braided in a viscerally provocative red continued over the hybrids bound as if sacrificed to the flame.

Papua New Guinea Pig Hut

‘Papua New Guinea Pig Hut’ 2016 52x52x49cm £200

Packard Bell Computer shell threaded and braided with a mishmash of ribbon like scraps (this has been on the go for years). Hundreds of ring pulls tied in to link each strand surrounding a glazed ceramic mask. Day-Glo mattress and entry at the rear for a great Cavy chillaxation zone.

Detail of Papua New Guinea Pig Hut